Notifications are an important part of managing feedback. As an administrator, you'll want to ensure your team is receiving the notifications they need, to stay on top of new feedback and existing feedback being updated.

Updating notifications is easy and can be done directly from the Members menu.

Set notifications for your users

  1. Go to your Profile and Click Workspace settings

  2. Find the User you would like to set notifications for and Click the ellipsis menu next to their name

4. From the slide-in menu, select the project or projects to set notifications for by clicking the + or x symbols

5. Toggle on and off the selected notifications for that user.

πŸ“˜NOTE - When selecting All projects, this will enable or disable feedback notifications for the selected user for all projects that they have access to. Learn more about restricting user access to certain projects.

πŸ’‘ TIP - It is also important to note that the user can edit their notifications and change the settings you have configured for them.

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