Using our browser extension is the easiest way to collect feedback with Userback.

It's the perfect alternative to adding the widget code to your site and is a great option for internal web projects.

For example, if you're updating your own website, you might ask your marketing team to install the browser extension and use it to give feedback on the updated website.

How to set up the Userback browser extensions

Log into your Userback account and select "Extension" from the top menu. From there, it's simply a matter of following the 3 steps outlined below.

1. Download the browser extensions

2. Copy and paste your account key

When prompted in the browser extension, simply copy and paste the account key as shown on the Extension page of your account.

If you need to add the account key to the Chrome extension following its installation, right click the Userback extension and select options.

3. Add domains to your projects

The Userback extension works with all of your projects. By default, any feedback submitted via your browser extension will be added to your default project.

If you have multiple projects, you can specify where feedback from the browser extension is to be added.

Simply click


to add specific domains to each project and you can add as many domains as you like.


Now when feedback is submitted via the browser extension, it will be added automatically to the project with a matching domain.

If there is no project with a matching domain, the feedback will simply be added to your default project.

You're now ready to collect feedback with the browser extension!

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