Maintaining communication with external parties and internal team members is crucial when collecting feedback. With a Userback and Zapier integration, you can connect your Gmail or Outlook account to trigger a confirmation or thank you email to your users that have submitted feedback.

This feature allows for full customization of the email content, including the individual's name, a link to the feedback, and a summary of comments. This not only keeps external parties and internal team members informed but also improves overall communication.

Create a Trigger

In Zapier, search and select Userback as the first app you are connecting and set up a trigger event when 'New Feedback is Created.'

Follow the prompts to connect your Userback account with your API Token.

Add an Action

Connect to Gmail and set your action to 'send email in Gmail', you'll need to sign into your Gmail account and configure the information you want to be included in the email.

Our recommendation is:

To: Reporter Email
From: (Your email address)
From Name: Your company name
Body Type: HTML
Body: Add some content confirming or thanking the reporter for their feedback. To send all of the feedback detail, you can use the 'HTML Content' option which is formatted in HTML.
Signature: Your signature

Once you've completed your email setup, click continue, test your Zap and turn it on!

🥳 You're done! Now anyone who reports feedback on your website or app will receive a completely customized thank you or confirmation email.

Happy Zapping!

💡Tip - If you'd like to take your personalization to the next level, check out Filters by Zapier where you can do things like; When feedback is submitted, with a rating of '5', send an email with specific content compared to receiving feedback with a rating of '1'.

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