Every time a website visitor gives feedback, we can POST all the data in JSON format to a URL of your choice.

Post feedback, bugs and tasks to almost anywhere. Using webhooks and Userback, we can send visual feedback from your website and images to just about anywhere. Centralize your feedback and keep designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Setup Webhooks

To set up webhook, head to the integrations menu and select a project


Click the Activate button on the Webhook panel, and enter your webhook url.


Now that you've connected your webhook with Userback. Click the "Test" button in the webhook panel to make sure everything is connected properly and see an example of what data Userback will send to your webhook when a new feedback is collected.

See below for an example of feedback data Userback sends to your webhook:

"id": 78303,
"url": "https://app.userback.io/viewer?a=1212121&p=9898&k=08f97y8sdifuofsay98as",
"page": "https://www.example.com/example",
"email": "visitor@example.com",
"name": "John Harden",
"category": "Bug",
"rating": 5,
"description": "Your product is great!",
"browser": "Chrome 72.0.3626.119 (Mac)",
"window_size": "1818 x 835",
"screen_resolution": "2560 x 1080",
  "screenshot": [
"url": ""https://static.userback.io/1/project/1/feedback/87841/screenshot/1.png",
"window_size": "1725 x 881"
"url": ""https://static.userback.io/1/project/1/feedback/87841/screenshot/2.png",
"window_size": "1725 x 881"
"attachment": "",
"comments": [
"comment": "The font here is too big",
"attachment": "https://static.userback.io/1/project/1/feedback/87841/attachment/font.zip",
"position_x": 1256,
"position_y": 445,
"screenshot_number": 0
"comment": "There is a typo here",
"attachment": "",
"position_x": 787,
"position_y": 43,
"screenshot_number": 1
"custom_data": []

The following fields are available as part of the webhook


Webhooks is available to customers on the Growth plan. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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