When working with clients as an agency or a freelancer, trust is important. Trust comes in many forms and should stay consistent from the beginning of an engagement right through to the end and this includes the tools you're using.

Adding your branding to Userback will complete the brand experience for you and your clients. You'll spend less time explaining what Userback is, and more time collecting actionable feedback.

Skip the formalities and jump straight to the Branding menu

How to add your branding to Userback

To start, click your Profile and select Account settings

From here, select the Branding menu where you'll be presented with some options to update the branding for email notifications and the feedback viewer. This means all client-facing assets can be branded with your own logo and colours.

To start, update the Email settings by adding:

Sender Name: This is the name that will appear as the sender of the notification emails

Sender Email: This is the email address that will be used to send email notifications

Colour: The main accent colour for branding in the emails

Email Header logo: The logo to use as the header logo

The preview will update as you update the form

After you update the email branding, the Feedback Viewer can also be branded. You can select to use your own logo for the Feedback Viewer application page. Along with the Favicon shown in the browser window.

Complete the branding experience for your clients by updating the feedback widget branding.

Simply head to the project you would like to update. Select the widget menu and from the Appearance Card, upload your own logo.

Please note that the Branding feature is available to customers on our Growth plan.
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