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Assign your feedback automatically
Assign your feedback automatically
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Assigning feedback effectively is crucial for efficient feedback management. Userback offers a powerful feature called Default Assignee, allowing you to automatically assign new feedback to specific team members.

πŸ”” You've Got Feedback! Consider enabling email notifications to ensure assignees are informed about new feedback assigned to them. See Email notifications.

Setting Default Assignees for Feedback

By following these instructions, you can utilize Userback's Default Assignee feature to automate the assignment of new feedback to the relevant team members.

  1. Project Settings: Log in to Userback and navigate to the desired project. Look for the settings cog icon and click on it to access the Project Settings.

  2. Go to Automations Tab: Within the Project Settings, locate the Automations tab and click on it to access the automation options.

  3. Default Assignee: Scroll down within the Automations tab until you find the Default Assignee option. This feature allows you to set up automatic assignment rules for different types of feedback.

  4. Select Default Assignees: In the Default Assignee section, you can designate which team members should be automatically assigned new feedback based on their expertise or role. Choose the appropriate users from the list to set them as default assignees for specific feedback types.

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