Each time feedback is submitted in your form, Userback automatically collects the meta-data like browser type and screen size as well. This adds context to the feedback and makes it easier to troubleshoot. But what if you need to capture additional information like customer type or account ID?

With just a few lines of code, you can collect custom data with our JavaScript API.

The JavaScript API is only available on certain plans. If you're unsure if you have access to this feature, check out this article or chat with Userback support team for more information.

How to collect custom data

Use the code below to send custom data along with new feedback.

// Before widget code is loaded
Userback.custom_data = {
account_id: 123456,
account_type: 'Standard',
trial: 'No'

// Reset custom data on demand
account_id: 123456,
account_type: 'Standard',
trial: 'No'

Viewing custom data

The custom data collected with your feedback will display at the bottom of the Feedback Viewer when viewing feedback full screen or on the right-hand panel in Inbox View.

Inbox View

Feedback viewer

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