The Userback extension is a quick and easy way to give feedback on any website or web app, without needing to know how to code. To get started, just download and install the extension.

Once you're logged in, all you need to do to report feedback is go to the page you want to give feedback on and click the Userback extension in your browser. From there, you can submit annotated screenshots and videos. It's that simple!



Download the extension for your browser from the following links

Pin the Extension to your browser

In order to easily access the Userback Browser Extension we suggest that you pin it to your browser, depending on what browser you are using this process will be slightly different.

Chrome and Edge:

Click the Puzzle Icon in the toolbar

Find the Userback Extension and Select the Thumbtack Icon or Eye Icon

The Userback Icon will now sit permanently on your toolbar.


Right Click on the toolbar and Select Customize Toolbar

Drag and Drop the Userback Icon into the Toolbar

The Userback Icon will now sit permanently on your toolbar.


There are two ways to log into the browser extension, if you are a registered user of a Userback Account you can log in with your Userback Credentials, or if you want to give access to temporary clients to provide feedback you can issue them with an Extension Key code to log in.

Log in using your Userback Credentials

Logging in with your Userback credentials will detect which projects you have access to and allow you to submit feedback to those projects.

Log in Using Extension Key

Extension keys are a secure way for you to allow someone to submit feedback to your project without adding them as a user in your account. When your project is complete you can simply revoke the key to remove their access.

πŸ“˜Note - Extension Keys can only be configured to a single project. They can be edited and the project changed or revoked completely to stop feedback from being submitted

For a more comprehensive article about our Browser Extension please see Userback Browser Extension Setup

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