With the launch of the new browser extension, there are some key differences you may need to consider.

This article is for Userback customers that have:

  1. Asked a client or internal team member to download and install the Userback extension in the past and they are using an Account Key to submit feedback.

  2. Configured domains across multiple projects to specify where feedback should be submitted from the extension.

Key differences

  1. The extension is now a static tool, it no longer uses the Widget settings to determine what to show the user when they open it.

  2. General feedback can no longer be submitted by the extension.

  3. The new extension has been designed to be as frictionless and fast as possible to submit visual feedback to your Userback account.

  4. The old extension was configured using the 'Extension menu'. From here, you would specify the domains relating to each project, this would tell the extension where to submit feedback.

  5. The new extension no longer requires an 'Account Key' to setup. You can now use your Userback login details to log into the extension.

Setup your clients again on the new extension

The new extension requires a login or an extension key to access. If you have given an account key to a client or colleague in the past, you will need to create an Extension Key, assign it to a project and ask them to use that.

Extension keys are more secure than an account key and give you more control over feedback coming into your account.

Extension keys are limited to a single project and all feedback being submitted from that key will be sent to the project you specify.

Configuring domains for your new extension

You no longer need to specify domains for your browser extension. The new extension has project selection built in allowing you to select the project that you are submitting feedback to.

Project selection is determined by what projects you have access to as per your user access.

If you would like to have feedback from specific project websites sent to that project by default, you can configure the Project Domains via Project Settings

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