Userback gives you flexibility with how you prefer to manage feedback. Different views allow you to quickly see the feedback you have received and organize it appropriately or reply instantly to reporters.

Inbox view is the best view for methodically working through feedback and collaborating with your team and the reporter.

Inbox View

To access inbox view click the feedback menu item and change the view from the top right to 'Inbox View'

To change the feedback, select a new feedback from the the left pane.

Sorting feedback

Feedback can be sorted and workflows can be selected from the drop down toggle at the top of the feedback.

Managing feedback

To change the assignee, priority and status of feedback in Inbox View, use the options available on the right, next to the feedback data.

From left to right: Assignee, Priority, Status. The status will be representative of your workflows. Workflows can be configured within your project settings.

Replying to feedback is as simply as clicking the reply button from each available comment or replying via the main reply text box.

Categories can be added to feedback by clicking the + button next to categories in session info

Feedback data

All feedback information outside of comments are available on the right pane.

To view a full screen version, and to open the feedback viewer, click the expand button on the screenshot.

All feedback meta data is available by expanding each of the options including Console logs, Event Tracking and Custom Data.

If your feedback has multiple pinned comments, clicking them from within the screenshot or the pin number within the comments will scroll to the appropriate location within the comments and the screenshot in Inbox View.

Inbox View with Video feedback

Video feedback is also displayed in the Inbox View

When managing video feedback in the Inbox View, you can quickly and easily add bookmarks to the timeline of the video, reply the video and jump through the video annotations.

To add a bookmark to a video in Inbox View, simply hover the timeline and click to add a bookmark.

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