Userback gives you flexibility with how you prefer to manage feedback. Different views allow you to quickly see the feedback you have received and organize it appropriately or reply instantly to reporters.

Board view is the best view for keeping up to date with the status of feedback incoming feedback and how feedback is being managed across your team. With board view, you can quickly see where feedback is assigned, and reassign feedback. Change the status of feedback and how critical feedback is being managed across your team.

Board View

To access Board View, click the feedback menu and select Board View from the top right view selection. Once in Board View, you can quickly and easily drag feedback between workflows, assignees and priorities.

Sorting Feedback

In Board View, Feedback can be sorted and grouped in several different configurations.


Any combination of General Feedback, Bug Report and Feature Request

Sort by:

Date Created (Oldest / newest first) or Date Updated (Oldest / newest first)

Group by:

Status, Priority or Assignee

πŸ“˜Note - When grouping by Assignee, you'll also have the option to hide resolved feedback by toggling off 'show resolved'

Managing Feeback

To manage the assignee of feedback in Board View, use the assignee drop-down box to select from your users. Status can be managed by drag and drop into the different columns. The status will be representative of your workflows. Workflows can be configured within your project settings.

Columns can be collapsed and opened by clicking the left or right chevron button.

A quick overview of the screenshot or video is available by hovering over the picture symbol on each feedback.

To view a full-screen version in the feedback viewer, click on the individual feedback and you will be taken there directly.

πŸ’‘Tip - When viewing feedback grouped by status, you can quickly access the workflow settings by clicking the settings button on the workflow.

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