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Import Feature Requests with a CSV
Import Feature Requests with a CSV
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You can easily import your Feature Requests to the Feedback Portal from CSV spreadsheet files, allowing you to bring feedback from other platforms and making setup a breeze.

To get started with the import, we recommend reviewing our "getting ready for import" section to understand what can be imported.

Here's how you can import Feature Requests using a CSV:

  1. Go to Feedback Portal settings.

  2. Scroll down and locate the Import section.

  3. Click the "Import from CSV" button.

  4. Upload
    Select a .csv file to upload, or drag and drop your CSV file into the designated square at the center of the page.

  5. Mapping & Preview
    Use the drop-down boxes at the top of each column to match each data type to Userback's data structure. The auto-recognition feature will automatically match the column headers to the fields in Userback. For any unrecognized headers, manually select the appropriate fields.

  6. Finish
    Click the "Import X feature requests" button at the top. Confirm the prompt to finish your import.

For further assistance or any questions, please reach out to our support team.

Getting yourself ready for an import

Before you import, we would recommend starting with just 5 records and ensuring that you are happy with the result before importing 100+ feedback at once.

Some spreadsheet formatting tips:

  • Date format – We support 3 different date formats yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss , yyyy-mm-dd and mm/dd/yyyy please make sure your dates look like this before uploading your CSV.

  • Spreadsheet size limit – There is a limit of 4000 rows per import (1000 for trial accounts), this means if you have a total of 6500 rows we'd recommend splitting them into 2 separate files and importing that way.

Not sure how to format your spreadsheet or want to get some practice with sample data? Contact us directly, we're happy to help!

What data can be imported?

🚩 This is a required field and cannot be skipped or ignored.



Title 🚩

Title of the feature

Short text

ex. Accept BTC

Description 🚩

Short description of feature

Long text

ex. Add bitcoin as a payment option


Current status of feature

System field (optional)
​Manage statuses


Total votes a feature has received

Number (optional)

ex. 42


Category/tags of feature

System field (optional)


Feature priority

System field (optional)

ex. Urgent or Low, Neutral, High

Create date

Date feature was requested

Date (optional)

ex. 2022-06-05T22:39:05.461Z

Reporter name

Who requested the feature?

Text (optional)

ex. Richard Hendricks

Reporter email

Does the requester have an email?

Email (optional)

Screenshot URL

Image or screenshot of feature

URL (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I skip columns to be ignored from the import?

A: Yes, choose the Skip option for columns you'd like us to ignore.

Q: What if some of my data is wrong or fails to import?

A: Don't worry, we'll import the correctly formatted data and provide a download link for the ones that were skipped. Check out the date format section below as this is the most common skip reason.

Userback upload complete

Q: Are system fields created when importing data?

A: No, head to Categories or Statuses and make sure they exist before importing your data. If there is no Status or Category provided, we'll ignore the category and set the Status to Open.

Q: Can I roll back or delete an import?

A: To delete imported feedback, open the Feedback page. Filter your feedback by Source: CSV Upload and use the Select all toggle to bulk select and delete CSV imported feedback.

Available on Company and Premium Plans

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