Manage all your Apps and Integrations across all Projects. Save time and protect your credentials by using existing integrations from other Projects rather than creating a new connection each time.

Rename, Reconnect or Delete a Connected App

  1. Head to Account Settings > Connected Apps

  2. Find the integration you'd like to manage

  3. Click the menu (3 dots) on the top right

  4. Select Rename, Reconnect or Delete, then confirm the prompts.

  5. Finished πŸ₯³

FAQ πŸ’¬

When reconnecting, will the Integration settings be remembered for each Project?

Yes! If you opt to Reconnect an Integration to resolve or troubleshoot a connection problem, your settings will be remembered for each Project.

How do I create a new Integration or Connected App?

If you're setting up an integration for the first time, jump into Project > Integrations and find the app you'd like to connect. Once connected, your integration will also be added to Connected Apps.

Can I restore or recover a deleted Connected App?

Not just yet, use care when utilizing these options, deleting an integration here will remove it from all Projects.

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