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How to change the Account Owner
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Changing the account owner in Userback is a crucial task that cannot be done without the assistance of our Userback Support staff. Our staff will guide you through the simple process outlined in this guide and ensure a seamless transition of ownership without any disruptions to your account access.

  1. Contact Userback Support - The first step in changing the account owner is to contact our friendly Userback Support staff at Our team will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary instructions and support.

  2. Verify Account Ownership - To ensure the security of your account, we require the current account owner to initiate the change of ownership. If the current account owner is unable to do so, one of the account administrators can contact us to request the next steps.

  3. Provide Necessary Information - To facilitate the transfer of ownership, our Userback Support team will need specific information such as the new owner's email address and contact details. We may also require additional documentation for verification purposes.

  4. Transfer Account Ownership - Once all the necessary information has been provided and verified, our Userback Support team will initiate the transfer of account ownership and will advise the new and previous account owners of the change.

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