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Move feedback between projects
Move feedback between projects
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In Userback, you have the flexibility to move feedback between projects, ensuring that it reaches the right team members and lands in the right place.

How to Move Feedback:

To move feedback between projects seamlessly, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Feedback Page of the Project you're moving feedback from.

  2. Find the feedback you want to move and click the three dots icon next to it.

  3. Select "Move" from the dropdown.

  4. In the Move Feedback window, choose the new project, assignee, and set the feedback's status.

  5. Double-check your choices and click "Move Feedback".

Note: You can only move feedback to projects you have access to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can move feedback between projects?

A: Only users with Collaborator and Admin access or higher can move feedback between projects. This restriction ensures that sensitive feedback remains within authorized hands.

Q: What happens to my Feedback URL, Screenshot URL and Attachment URL

A: When you move feedback to a new project, the share URL associated with the feedback will change. This change occurs because the share URL contains the project ID. The Screenshot URL and Attachment URL will also change, this can affect email notifications and integrations that source Userback for screenshots and other assets.

Q: What happens to Integrations?

A: If integrations are enabled in the receiving project, any automation rules that are in place will still apply to the transferred feedback. This means that feedback moved to a project with active integrations and automatic settings will continue to be sent to those integrations.

Q: What happens to Merged Feedback?

A: In cases where feedback has been merged with other items, you will have the option to move all the merged feedback at once. This feature simplifies the process of transferring related feedback in bulk.

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