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Using the Feedback Sidebar
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The Userback Feedback Viewer provides a centralized hub for managing, analyzing, and acting upon user feedback. By effectively utilizing this feature, you can streamline your feedback management process and enhance your product or service based on valuable user insights.

In the Feedback Viewer, you will see the screenshots, annotations, and comments associated with your selected feedback item. As well as other useful information such as status, priority, category, and the reporter's metadata.

To access the Feedback Viewer, go to the Feedback menu and select a feedback item.


The Overview tab provides a comprehensive overview of essential information at a single glance. Within this tab, you can access key details of the feedback, including the number of comments, feedback type, status, assignee, priority, category, and any linked integrations.

This consolidated view also displays relevant session information, such as a conveniently accessible copy link of the reporter's address, the originating site of the feedback, and general metadata, allowing for efficient and effective analysis of the feedback.


The Session Tab offers a comprehensive range of session information and in-depth session data, ensuring a thorough understanding of feedback origins and context. This includes vital details such as Merged Feedback, User Data, Console Logs, Event Tracking, and Custom Data.

These insights provide valuable context and facilitate a deeper understanding of the feedback's origin and context.

๐Ÿ“˜Note: Specific information captured may vary depending on your Plan Level and available features.


The Activity Tab within Userback displays any modifications made to the feedback's Type, Status, Assignee, Priority, and Category. It serves as a comprehensive record of all changes made to these crucial attributes throughout the feedback's lifecycle.


The Comments tab serves as a centralized repository for all comments associated with your feedback. If your feedback includes pinned comments, you can effortlessly access them by simply clicking on the respective pinned comment, which will be visually emphasized in the side panel.

To learn more about comments, please refer to this help article.

๐Ÿ“˜ Note: User Data and Activities are not visible for the Guest role

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