How to use the feedback widget

Providing feedback via Userback is easy!

Userback gives you all the tools you’ll need to mark up, annotate, and provide comments with your feedback.

Using the Annotation Tool

The annotation tool lets you draw on the screen with a variety of tools.

To start drawing, simply select the tool and then [click + drag] your mouse to draw on the screen.

Userback annotation tools


Box: Highlights a specific area of the page.

Pencil: Draw anything you like! Circle, point, works great with a touch screen and pen.

Line: Underline, strikethrough, and draw a straight line.

Arrow: Point to something.

Blockout: Blocks out any sensitive information on the screen.

Text: You can also drop a pin and add a text comment anywhere on the page.

Color Picker: You can select the color of your annotation. Blockout will always default to black.


Once you’ve finished annotating your screenshot, simply click the Next button to continue to the next step in the widget.

💡 TIP: You can also drop a pinned comment anywhere on the page just by clicking your mouse

Feedback Widget

The Userback widget allows you to collect additional information via a standard comments box.
Userback widget

Additional Screenshots

Add up to 5 screenshots with your feedback by clicking the [+] icon.


Attach files up to 2MB in size with your feedback.

View Other Feedback

If you have enabled the "View Other Feedback" option in the widget, it will also display the public feedback that other people have already submitted. This is most useful for internal projects and is a good way to prevent duplicate feedback.


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