With the Userback plugin for WordPress, you can easily use Userback to collect feedback from all of your WordPress pages, specific pages, or even just your Draft pages.

It's really easy to connect! You won't even need to install any code on your website.

Connect a Userback project to WordPress

1. In your Userback account, start by selecting the project that you want to integrate with WordPress.

2. After selecting your project, click the Settings menu followed by Integrations. and then the Download button on the WordPress integration.

3. This will now download the WordPress plugin for you to install.

4. Once you have installed the plugin, head to the Userback menu in your WordPress instance.

5. Click the 'Get your access token here' link and copy your widget access token.

6. Select the pages you would like the widget to be enabled on. For example, All pages or All Draft Pages.

7. Check the Enable Userback checkbox and click Save.

For reference, here is a screenshot of the available options in WordPress when setting up the Userback widget.


If installed correctly, you will see the feedback widget on the pages that you selected within the plugin settings.

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