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Troubleshooting: Resolving Modal Focus Issues
Troubleshooting: Resolving Modal Focus Issues
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Working with modal elements in libraries like Material-UI can sometimes lead to focus issues, where users are unable to interact with the Widget or forms inside the modal.

These issues arise from a feature called "focus trapping," which confines user focus within the active modal element.

While this can enhance accessibility in certain scenarios, it may also prevent users from interacting with other parts of the page, such as input fields or buttons outside the modal.

How to Solve Focus Issues in Material-UI

The steps below will guide you through enabling focus on forms.

  1. Identify the Modal Component: Find the modal component containing the widget you want to focus on.

  2. Switch off the "trapFocus" Setting: Locate the "trapFocus" setting in the code or configuration and set it to "false."

  3. Test the Changes: Save your changes and test to ensure the widget within the modal can now receive focus.

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