Session Replay

Imagine stepping into your users' shoes and seeing exactly how they use your website or app. Userback's Session Replay makes this possible by recording every user action, giving you a unique insight into the user experience.

It's not just about watching a replay; you're getting the complete picture. This helps you understand issues, replicate them accurately, and resolve them quickly, reducing the need for lengthy discussions.

Now, what creates this complete picture?

  • 🎥 In-Depth Replay: Go beyond standard video replays. Userback captures not just the actions but the intent behind them. See each click, hover, and scroll, revealing the story of how users truly interact with your website or application.
  • 🔍 Console Logs: Transform your technical troubleshooting with Console Log Capture. Catching errors and warnings as they happen.
  • 📈 Event Tracking: Elevate your understanding with our sophisticated Event Tracking. We move past numbers to narratives, capturing each user action as a chapter in a broader story, highlighting their journey and preferences.
  • 💥 Rage Clicks: Turn user frustration into actionable insights. Rage Click Detection does more than track annoyed clicks; it highlights critical usability issues, guiding you to make targeted improvements where they matter most.

    Fullscreen - Preview of Session Replay

Activating Session Replay

Ensure the Userback widget is seamlessly integrated into your website or app.

If you haven't already done so, here's how to get started: Install the Userback Widget.

  1. Navigate to Widget Settings in Userback.
  2. Choose the feedback type you wish to enhance with Session Replay—be it Bug Reports, General Feedback, or Ideas.
  3. Click Edit Form for the chosen feedback category to customize its settings.
  4. Scroll to discover the 'Session Replay' toggle at the bottom of the page.
  5. Repeat for each feedback category you wish to activate Session Replay.

Watching Session Replays

Each feedback that includes a Session Replay is marked with a Borderless - Session Replay Icon icon. This visual indicator in your feedback list or sidebar is your gateway to richer insights. 

Initiating a Session Replay in Userback:

  1. In any Userback view, find and open the feedback you want to review.
  2. Look for the blue pill-shaped 'Session Replay' button located in the feedback sidebar.
  3. Click on this button to launch the Session Replay player.
  4. The player will present a detailed playback of the user's interaction for your analysis.

    Session Replay Available

Using the Session Player

Userback's Session Player transforms how you interact with and understand user behavior. It’s designed not just for replaying sessions but for providing an insightful and interactive exploration of user interactions. Here’s how it elevates your analysis:

Advanced Playback Features:

  • Effortless Navigation: Play, pause, and skip through sessions with ease, ensuring you never miss a crucial user interaction.
  • Rapid Speed Adjustment: Swiftly locate key moments by speeding up the playback by up to 8x, making your analysis both thorough and time-efficient.
  • Event and Console Log Overlays: These overlays add a layer of depth to your session replays, offering detailed insights into user actions and the technical events behind them.

Customize Your Analytical Approach:

  • Timeline Customization: Selectively display the most relevant events on your timeline, focusing your analysis on significant user actions.
  • Skip Inactivity: This feature allows you to bypass periods of no user activity, concentrating your attention on the most dynamic and interactive segments of the session.
  • Event-Specific Navigation: Directly jump to specific events within the session, streamlining your analysis and saving valuable time.

    Session Player



Frequently Asked Questions

Which HTML elements does Userback Session Replay support?

Userback Session Replay supports most HTML elements, including forms, buttons, links, and images. However, it does not support the following HTML elements: iFrame, video, audio, or canvas. We do expect to add Canvas support soon!

Can I download Session Replays as a video?

Although Session Replays resemble videos in their behavior, they're a recreation of the browser experience played back in a video-like format. For those with a technical side, inspect the player to get a better understanding of how this works.

Is Userback Session Replay GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Userback Session Replay is GDPR-compliant. You can configure it to automatically mask sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card information. Click here to go to Privacy Settings.

How does Userback Session Replay handle user privacy?

Userback Session Replay is designed to protect user privacy. It allows you to configure which pages or URLs to record, and you can also exclude certain IP addresses or user agents from being recorded. Click here to go to Privacy Settings.