Session Replay

Session replay is a powerful tool that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior on your website. By capturing all logged user events such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, and page navigation, session replay creates a detailed visual recording of a user's activity. This can provide valuable context when investigating reported bugs or analyzing user feedback.

If available on your plan, session replay can be enabled for each type of feedback submitted, giving you a replay of the user's activity leading up to and including the submission. This allows you to see bugs through the eyes of your users and understand the potential impact on your website's user experience.

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How to Enable Session Replay

To enable session replay for your feedback widget head to the Widget Studio and Edit the Widget, then Edit Bug, Idea, or General feedback Forms. You can find the Session Replay Toggle at the end of the Feedback Form customization options.

To learn more, check out this section about Feedback FormsFullscreen - Widget Editor > Session Replay in Userback


Viewing feedback sessions

When viewing feedback sessions that have Session Replay attached, you will see a play button icon next to them in the list. To open a Session Replay, simply select the feedback you'd like to view. The session replay button will be displayed for all feedback that has it. To expand the Session Replay viewer, click on the Session Replay link.

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Session replay features

Session replay includes various features to streamline the viewing process and save time. You can easily navigate to specific points in the session, skip periods of inactivity, and adjust playback speed using the tools on the bottom toolbar of the session replay. These tools make it more convenient to review user sessions and quickly identify issues or areas of improvement.

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The following features are available in session replay:

  • Window Size: The window size of the user. This will change dynamically as the user's window size changes. Eg. The user resizes their window while navigating.
  • Console: View any console errors and logs that occurred during the session replay.
  • Events: View each event that the user did during the session replay. You can quickly skip to any event by selecting the event from the list

Timeline and viewing settings

Viewing of events in the event viewer and timeline can be toggled on and off. Specifically to declutter the event log. For example, remove the mouse focus from the timeline and events.

The following items can be toggled on the timeline and events.

  • Mouse Clicks

  • Focus

  • Resize

  • Widget Interaction

  • Text Input

  • Navigation

Skip Inactivity: If a user is idle for a period of time, you can select Skip Inactivity by toggling this setting on and off.

Speed: Additionally, a session replay can be viewed at the desired speed from 1x to 8x.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which HTML elements does Userback Session Replay support?

Userback Session Replay supports most HTML elements, including forms, buttons, links, and images. However, it does not support the following HTML elements: iFrame, video, audio, or canvas. We do expect to add Canvas support soon!

Is Userback Session Replay GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Userback Session Replay is GDPR-compliant. You can configure it to automatically mask sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card information. Click here to go to Privacy Settings.

How does Userback Session Replay handle user privacy?

Userback Session Replay is designed to protect user privacy. It allows you to configure which pages or URLs to record, and you can also exclude certain IP addresses or user agents from being recorded. Click here to go to Privacy Settings.