Streamline UAT, QA and bug tracking with visual customer feedback.

Once you connect Userback with GitHub, we send annotated screenshots as new issues in GitHub every time a bug report or feedback is created with Userback. Centralize your feedback and keep designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Connect Userback to GitHub

To connect your GitHub account head to the integrations menu and select the project that you're integrating from the top project drop-down menu.

Head to the GitHub tile and click Activate.


GitHub will ask you to authorize your account, allow access and type in your credentials.


Once you have authorized your GitHub account, you'll need to configure the GitHub integration by selecting a repository.


Once saved, you can test your integration and send a test feedback to your GitHub account by clicking the Test button.


You'll also have the option to send feedback automatically when it is received in Userback or push feedback as required.

Clicking on the Repository will allow you to change it.

Organization Repositories

When connecting Userback with organization repositories in GitHub, you will first need to invite yourself to the repository. Even if you are an admin of the repository, you will still need to go to the invite page and invite yourself to the repository. Once this is done, the repository will appear in the list in Userback so that you can connect it.


To send feedback to GitHub

Click the Feedback menu and select a feedback.

On the top shelf menu, click the 'Send to GitHub' button.


Clicking the Send to GitHub button will load the GitHub options modal, allowing you to complete all of the required fields in your GitHub project. This will ensure your team receives all of the relevant and correct information when the GitHub issue is logged.


The fields that you have enabled within your GitHub project will be displayed for you to complete. You may have more, or less enabled and the modal will be representative of what is configured within your GitHub account.

Once you have sent the feedback to GitHub, this button will change to 'View in GitHub'.


If you click this button, you'll be taken directly to the task inside GitHub with all of the feedback details including the screenshot and any original comments.


The GitHub integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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