Connecting your Userback account to is easy!

All you need is your Host and the API Token (v2). Please see the detailed help doc from if you have trouble finding your API Token.

Once you have your Site Address and API Token ready, head to the integrations menu and select the project that you're integrating from the top project drop down menu.

Head to the tile and click Activate.


Enter your Host and the API Token and click "Next".


Once you have authorised your account, you'll need to configure the integration by selecting a Board and an Item Group. Feedback from Userback will be created in the selected Board.


Once saved, you can test your integration and send a test feedback to your account by clicking the Test button.


Now that you've connected Userback and, simply select when you would like feedback to be sent to your account. You have the option to send feedback automatically when it is received in Userback or push feedback as required.

Now... go and create some feedback and check it out!

Here's an example of what to expect inside once you've connected your Userback account.


The integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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