Make it easy for your team and clients to report visual website feedback into Teamwork with screenshots and annotations.

Gather visual feedback and bug reports directly into Teamwork, even from users and clients who do not have a Teamwork account.

Connect Userback to Teamwork

Connecting your Userback account to Teamwork is easy! All you need is your Site Address and the API Token. Please see the detailed help doc from Teamwork if you have trouble in finding your site address or API token.

Once you have your Site Address and API Token ready, head to the integrations menu and select the project that you're integrating from the top project drop down menu.

Head to the Teamwork tile and from the ellipsis menu click connect.

Enter your Teamwork Site Address and the API Token and click "Next"

Once you have authorized your Teamwork account, you'll need to configure the Teamwork integration by selecting a Project and a Task list. Feedback from Userback will be created in the selected task list.

Once saved, you can test your integration and send a test feedback to your Teamwork account by clicking the ellipsis menu followed by Test.

Teamwork is now activated

Now that you've connected Userback and Teamwork, simply select when you would like feedback to be sent to your Teamwork account. You have the option to send feedback automatically when it is received in Userback or push feedback as required.

Here's an example of what to expect inside Teamwork once you've connected your Userback account


If you've selected to manually send feedback to Teamwork, you'll need to do this from the feedback page.

To send feedback to Teamwork

Click the Feedback menu and select a feedback.

On the top shelf menu, click 'Send to Teamwork'

Clicking the Send to Teamwork button will load the Teamwork options modal, allowing you to complete all of the required fields in your Teamwork project. This will ensure your team receive all of the relevant and correct information when the Teamwork task is logged.

Once you have sent the feedback to Teamwork, this link will change to 'View in Teamwork'

If you click this button, you'll be taken directly to the task inside your Teamwork account with all of the feedback details including the screenshot and any original comments.

The Teamwork integration is available to customers on our Startup and above plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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