Connect Userback to Trello to have feedback added to your Trello board as a new card.

Userback for Trello will improve your productivity by allowing you to assign and collaborate on feedback with your team and speed up decision making processes to solve problems.

You'll have complete control over which feedback to send to Trello by sending all feedback or pushing select feedback to your Trello board.

Connect Userback to Trello

Click the ellipsis menu on the Trello card followed by connect. Follow the prompts to Allow Userback to access your Trello account.


Select a Trello board and List and click Complete Setup

Now that you've connected Userback and Trello, you can select when feedback is sent to your board. Either Automatically, each time you receive feedback or manually by pushing feedback to Trello.

To send feedback to Trello

Click the Feedback menu and select a feedback and on the top shelf menu, click the 'Send to Trello' button.


Clicking the Send to Trello button will load the Trello options modal, allowing you to complete all of the required fields in your Trello board. This will ensure your team receives all of the relevant and correct information when the Trello task is logged.


The fields that you have enabled within your Trello board will be displayed for you to complete. You may have more, or less enabled and the modal will be representative of what is configured within Trello.

Once you have sent the feedback to Trello, this button will change to 'View in Trello'.


If you click this button, you'll be taken directly to the task inside Trello with all of the feedback details including the screenshot and any original comments.

The Trello integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.
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