Send visual website feedback and annotated screenshots to your Basecamp to-do lists.

Once you connect Userback with Basecamp, we send annotated screenshots to your Basecamp to-do lists every time a bug report or feedback is created with Userback. Centralize your feedback and keep designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Connect Userback to Basecamp

Connecting your Userback account to Basecamp is easy!

Userback supports both Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3. Userback integrates with Basecamp by sending feedback with screenshots and comments to your projects to-do lists. Each feedback will create it's own to-do item which can be assigned and managed from with Basecamp.

There are minor differences between Basecamp 2 and 3 however, the general process of integrating is the same.

Each Userback project can be integrated separately into separate projects within Basecamp. For example, set up a project for bugs within Userback and send these feedback to a Basecamp bugs project and to-do list.

To connect your Basecamp account head to the integrations menu and select the project that you're integrating from the top project drop down menu.

Head to the Basecamp tile and select Activate


Basecamp will ask you to authorize your Basecamp 2 or Basecamp 3 account, allow access and type in your Basecamp 2 or Basecamp 3 credentials.


Once you have authorised your Basecamp account, you'll need to configure the Basecamp integration by selecting an account, a project and a to-do list.


Once you have selected the correct options for Account, Project and To-do list, click save. Once saved, you can test your integration and send a test feedback to your Basecamp account by clicking the test button.


You'll also have the option to send feedback automatically when it is received in Userback or push feedback as required.

Once you start receiving feedback, and it is being sent to your Basecamp account, there are only minor differences between Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3.

Basecamp 2: Will update your project and notify you of new feedback within Latest project updates, Discussions and the to-do list.


Basecamp 3: Will update the to-do list and the timeline at the bottom of the project page.


To view the feedback, screenshot and details, click through to the feedback from anywhere it is displayed in your Basecamp project.

Basecamp 2: Displays feedback and screenshot within the comments section as per below, you can click through to view this feedback in Userback.


Basecamp 3: Will list out the to-do list where you can click through to a specific feedback

With feedback shown by notes and comments.

The Basecamp integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.
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