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Connect Userback with Jira
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Jira is a software application that allows teams to track issues, manage projects, and automate workflows. With the Userback and Jira integration, you will be able to streamline bug tracking, UAT, and user feedback.

πŸ“˜Note - Userback integrates with Jira and Jira Service Desk.

1. Connect a Userback Project to a Jira Project

Open Integrations inside your project settings, Find Jira in the list of integrations, Select Connect from the menu to the right, and then follow the prompts to authorize Userback & Jira.

2. Configure your integration settings

2a. Configure your integration settings for Jira. Enter your Jira Host address, Username or Email, and the Jira API Token.

2b. Configure your integration settings for Jira. Choose the Project, Issue Type, Priority, and, if required, a Reporter in Jira.

2c. Choose whether you'd like feedback to be submitted manually or if it should be sent automatically to Jira; you can filter it by Feedback type too!

2d. Select which statuses should be automatically pushed to Userback (if any)

3. Test your integration

Lastly, use the Test option to send dummy Feedback directly to Jira. Make sure it goes into the proper Project and Issue Type.

Once confirmed, congratulations, you're finished! πŸŽ‰

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sync the status between Userback and Jira?

A: Yes, you can also Sync status so that when an issue is resolved, reopened, or deleted in Jira, the same will happen in Userback. Status sync is almost instant and changes made in the Jira issue will be immediately updated within Userback.

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