“What if I’m given feedback over the phone, by email, or in person?”

There’s a button for that... The Add Feedback button. Found in the top right corner when viewing your feedback list on all views, including the Inbox View, List View, Grid View, and the Board View.

  1. Open Feedback in Userback.

  2. Click the + button on the top right corner.

  3. Fill in the Add Feedback form

    • Select a feedback type

    • Insert a title for your feedback

    • Provide a detailed description including images and/or links

    • If relevant, Select a Priority, a Category, and an Assignee.

Pro Tip: You can paste an image into the description box. 😮

If you have specific information about the requester, you can add this too!

  1. Click and expand + Session Info

    • Email: Requesters email address.

    • Name Requesters full name.

    • Page URL: If you know where the issue occurred.

    • Browser: Requesters browser info.

    • Operating system: Requesters OS or Device info.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Your submitted feedback will be in your feedback list and set to Open.

Submitted Feedback

We've also added a feedback Source to the feedback detail page including information about the requester entered in the + Session Info section.

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