Archive your projects to declutter your workspace or delete them if your project is no longer needed.

How to Archive, Restore or Delete Projects

  1. Navigate to Projects.

  2. Hover over an active Project tile

  3. Click the menu (3 dots) on the top right.

  4. Follow one of the options below.

    Archive a project

    Select Archive, then confirm the prompts.

    Restore a project

    Select Restore, then confirm the prompts.

    Delete a project
    Select Delete, then confirm the prompts.

  5. Finished πŸ₯³

FAQ πŸ’¬

Will my Integrations work once a Project is archived?

No. Integrations will gracefully pause the moment a Project is archived.

Will my Feedback Portal work once a Project is archived?

No. Archiving will take your Feedback Portal offline, if you need it again just restore the Project to bring it back.

Do I get a reminder before an archived Project is deleted?

Of course! We'll send you an email 30 days beforehand, we've even added a countdown to the Project tile for good measure.

Can I restore or recover a Deleted project?

Deleting a project is permanent, and deleted projects can't be restored. If you're no longer using a project, you can use the Archive option and restore it later if needed.

Why am I getting an error when trying to Archive, Restore or Delete projects?

Solo Plan users will need to upgrade to Archive, Restore or Delete projects. If you'd like to change your active Project, contact us at

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