Get Slack notifications with every feedback or bug report from Userback.

Centralize everything in Slack. Gather visual feedback and bug reports directly into Slack, even from users and clients who do not have a Slack account.

Userback for Slack will improve your productivity by allowing you to collaborate on feedback with your team and speed up decision-making processes to solve problems.

You'll have complete control over which notifications to receive inside Slack simply turn them on or off as required. It's that simple.

Connect Userback to Slack

To connect your Slack account head to the integrations menu and select a project

Click the menu button and select Connect

Continue through the O-Auth settings to connect to your Slack workspace. Slack will ask permission for Userback to access your workspace. Click Allow.


Select the channel you would like feedback notifications to be sent to, along with the notifications you would like to receive to your slack channel and click complete setup.

The channel and notification settings can be changed at any time by clicking the menu button on the integration and selecting settings to open the settings side panel.

When feedback is sent to Slack, there are some options available to help manage that feedback.

Using these tools from within Slack will help you make faster decisions on each feedback received. For example, a feature suggestion may be sent to a Trello board however bugs can be sent to Jira. Similarly you may see feedback that has already been reported previously or already resolved, therefore instantly resolve the feedback directly within Slack.

These options include:

View: View the feedback in Userback

Resolve: Resolve the feedback in Userback

Send to integration: Send the feedback to integrations that you have connected to within your Userback account.

Assign to: Assign the feedback to a user of your Userback account

Here's an example of what to expect inside Slack once you've connected your Userback account:

Connecting Slack to Private Channels

When connecting Slack to a private channel, you will need to invite Userback Bot to that channel.

Once you have connected Userback to Slack, before selecting the channel, go to slack and in the Apps section of the left side bar, click Userback. If Userback does not display, click + Add and add the Userback Slack bot.

Once Userback is showing as an App, Select it and click @Userback. The following menu will appear

Click Add this app to a channel and select the private channel that you would like the Userback slack notifications to be sent to.

Now head back to the Slack settings channel selection modal in Userback, click refresh, and select your private channel.

Your private channel should now appear and can be selected.

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