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Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information that they need. Userback for Slack will improve your productivity by allowing you to centralise and collaborate on feedback with your team and speed up decision-making processes to solve problems fast. You'll have complete control over which notifications to receive inside Slack simply turn them on or off as required.

1. Connect a Userback Project to a Slack

Open Integrations inside your project settings, Find Slack in the list of integrations, Select Connect from the menu to the right, and then follow the prompts to authorise Userback & Slack.

2b. Configure your integration settings for Slack. Choose the Channel, Filter Feedback Type and if required, include User Data in Slack.

2b. Choose when notifications should be sent to Slack.

3. Test your integration

Lastly, use the Test option to send dummy Feedback directly to Slack. Make sure it goes into the proper Channel.

Once confirmed, congratulations, you're finished! πŸŽ‰

Options inside Slack

Within Slack, there are some options available to help manage your feedback that will help you make faster decisions on each feedback received.


View the feedback in Userback


Resolve the feedback in Userback

Send to integration

Send the feedback to integrations that you have connected to within your Userback account.

Assign to

Assign the feedback to a user of your Userback account

Connecting Slack to Private Channels

When connecting Slack to a private channel, you will need to invite Userback Bot to that channel.

In Slack

Find Userback in the App section of Slack, Right-click and select 'View app details'. In the modal Select 'Add this app to a channel'. Select the Private Channel you wish to send your Userback Slack notifications to be sent too.

In Userback

Open Integrations inside your project settings, Find Slack in the list of integrations, Select Settings from the menu to the right, Select your Private Channel from the list and Save Changes.

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