The Userback extension is an easy no-code way to quickly provide feedback on any website or web application. Simply download and install the extension and you’re ready to start submitting feedback.

Once you’re set up and logged in all you need to do to report feedback is go to the page you would like to report feedback on and click the Userback extension in your browser, from here you will be able to submit annotated screenshots and videos.

πŸ’‘Tip – You can set up your domains for filtering feedback into projects. By adding project domains, the Userback extension will default to the project used by that domain when submitting feedback.



Download the extension for your browser from the following links

Pin the Extension to your browser

In order to easily access the Userback Browser Extension we suggest that you pin it to your browser, depending on what browser you are using this process will be slightly different.

Chrome and Edge:

Click the Puzzle Icon in the toolbar

Find the Userback Extension and Select the Thumbtack Icon or Eye Icon

The Userback Icon will now sit permanently on your toolbar.


Right Click on the toolbar and Select Customize Toolbar

Drag and Drop the Userback Icon into the Toolbar

The Userback Icon will now sit permanently on your toolbar.


There are two ways to log into the browser extension, if you are a registered user of a Userback Account you can log in with your Userback Credentials, or if you want to give access to temporary clients to provide feedback you can issue them with an Extension Key code to log in.

Log in using your Userback Credentials

Logging in with your Userback credentials will detect which projects you have access to and allow you to submit feedback to those projects.

Log in Using Extension Key

Extension keys are a secure way for you to allow someone to submit feedback to your project without adding them as a user in your account. When your project is complete you can simply revoke the key to remove their access.

πŸ“˜Note - Extension Keys can only be configured to a single project. They can be edited and the project changed or revoked completely to stop feedback from being submitted


Extension keys are a secure way for you to allow someone to submit feedback to your project without adding them as a user in your account. When your project with them is complete, you can simply revoke the keys' access.

Go to Workspace Settings

Select Extension Key Tab

Click Create Extension Key

Choose a Project and a Label for your Extension Key and Click Create.

From here you can either copy and share the extension key into your preferred communication tool, or share via email.

Using the Extension Key

Just copy and paste the key into the Access Key login, when the user goes to submit feedback, they will be prompted to enter their name and email address.

Editing an Extension Key

Once a key has been created, you can view and share the key, edit the related project and name of the key or revoke the key.


Now that you are logged into the Userback browser extension, feedback can be collected for any project that you have access to within you’re account. The Browser Extension allows you to take and annotate screenshots or video feedback.


Selected Area

Drag a box to select an area of the page you would like to provide feedback. This option will allow you to save time by selecting an area and leaving a comment without the need to annotate and pin comments.

Current Tab

Take a screenshot of the page as you currently see it.

Entire Page

Take a full-page screenshot of the entire webpage you are on, regardless of how long it is.

Annotate your screenshots with the annotation tool at the bottom of the screen. To start drawing, simply select the tool and then [click + drag] your mouse to draw on the screen.

Box - Highlights a specific area of the page.

Pencil - Draw anything you like! Circle, point, works great with a touch screen and pen.

Line - Underline, strikethrough, and draw a straight line.

Arrow - Point to something.

Blockout - Blocks out any sensitive information on the screen.

Text - You can also drop a pin and add a text comment anywhere on the page.

Color Picker - You can select the colour of your annotation. Blockout will always default to black.

Within the viewer, you can select which project for the feedback to be assigned to, then completed the feedback form with feedback type, priority, assignee, category, title and comment on your feedback.

πŸ“˜Note - If you have clients using the browser extension, they will only have access to the projects you have given them access to, plus, Feedback Type, Category, Title and Leave a Comment. The Priority and Assignee fields will be hidden from them.


Full Desktop

Recording your full desktop means that you can choose to record across multiple browsers, tabs or even desktop applications.

Current Tab

Record the current tab you are on, even if you move to another tab or browser. Recording the current tab will allow you to navigate a site or application without having to stop and restart the recording. Refreshing the page will not stop the recording.

πŸ“˜Note - You can also use the pen annotation tool while recording, check out our Help Article How to collect and manage feedback with video screen capture.

Once a recording has been completed, you will be able to review the recording and add notes or bookmarks before submitting your feedback to your selected project.

Bookmarks can be made by simply clicking below the timeline. They will be available for viewing within the feedback viewer in your Userback account.

My Feedback

You are also able to view your previously submitted feedback, either as an overview, or you can click to open the Feedback viewer.

FAQ πŸ’¬

My full-page screenshots are not working, some of the images are missing or only partly shown.

The reason this might be happening is that the webpage you are on has elements and images that only load after you scroll, aka, lazy loading. We recommend scrolling to the bottom of the page before taking the screenshot, this will allow all of the images and elements to load, then scroll back to the top of the page and re-take the screenshot.

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