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Userback: UI Redesign
Userback: UI Redesign
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At Userback, it has always been our top priority to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to collecting and managing feedback.

Following our last round of updates, we have been gathering valuable feedback from our users, and we are extremely excited to share new updates to Userback UI and overall UX.

These updates are paving the way for some major feature launches that will be made available in the coming months. Specifically, a brand new dedicated survey tool and full session replay.

Updates and changes

1. New widget code: The widget code has received an overhaul allowing you to use a single code snippet for all of your projects. You now have the option to select from a global access token or a project-specific token. The code snippet is now available via the <> button in the header.

This is great if you install Userback on many sites as you can re-use the same code, and manage the domains from within Userback.

Using the global code also means that you can have multiple feedback widgets targeting different audiences or purposes on a single page.

To learn more about installing the Userback Code Check out our article: Install Userback in your application

2. Edit your widget: The widget menu from the top has now been removed. You can now easily access and edit your widget settings from the overview page by clicking the Edit button under Widget.

3. Segments and Tracked Users: You can now track users and create segments regardless of your plan. This means you can now have much greater context and understanding of your users when they submit feedback. View their feedback history, and sentiment over time. Creating segments will now allow you to target your feedback widget to specific users such as 'Internal users/team', and 'Premium customers for example.

To start creating segments, you will need to start tracking your users with Userback. Learn more about tracking users and creating segments.

4. Projects Page: From the projects page, you now have direct access to your team members' page and the ability to create user segments. Additionally, projects can now be starred for easy sorting.

The member's page has also received an update with the reflected changes being more consistent with the rest of the product.

5. New menu: You can now easily access your project home page, Members page, Segments, and Workspace Settings via the hamburger menu that is accessible from any project.

6. Client role is now Guest: The Client role has been renamed to Guest to avoid confusion as to what this member role is best used for.

Release Timing

These changes have been released as of 3rd March 2024

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