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Troubleshooting: The Userback Widget isn't showing
Troubleshooting: The Userback Widget isn't showing
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If your Widget is not displaying on your site or app after adding the widget code, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Check your Code Installation

  1. Verify Widget Code: Double-check the accuracy of the widget code by comparing the code displayed in the Userback Platform with the code you've installed on your site. Make sure there are no discrepancies or missing elements.

  2. Activate Widget: Confirm that the widget is set to 'Activated' on the Overview Page of your project within the Userback Platform. This ensures that the widget is ready to capture feedback from your site visitors effectively.

For detailed instructions on installing the Userback Widget, refer to our support article: How to Install the Userback Widget.

If you've copied the widget code, make sure to either remove User Identification data from the code snippet or, if using our JavaScript SDK, insert your User data. For more details, check out our support documentation: User Identification with the JavaScript SDK.

Verify Domain Configuration

Ensure that you have properly configured the domains for your feedback project. To do so, navigate to the project dashboard, click the ellipsis menu next to the Project, and select "Manage Domains" from the project drop-down options. Set your Domain to include the URL of the site where you wish to display the Widget.

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