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Troubleshooting: Video or Screen Recording Across Multiple Pages
Troubleshooting: Video or Screen Recording Across Multiple Pages
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Userback offers the ability to record video or screen captures across multiple pages on your website. However, to enable this feature, Userback must be installed in a specific way to prevent reloading the tool as users navigate your site. This task can be achieved effortlessly if your app is a Single Page Application (SPA).
Here we will provide solutions and alternative advanced methods to ensure Userback stays active as users browse your app or website. We will also consider the browser extension, which has a built-in multipage recording technology.
Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure that Userback remains active as users browse different pages of your website or app, to collect essential feedback effectively. Choose the method that works best for your setup.

Solution 1: Single Page Application Installation

If your website or app is a SPA, then you can use the `Script Tag` method to install Userback. This method uses the `init()` function to create the widget button, making it a preferred choice for SPAs.

Learn more in this helpful guide: Install the Userback Widget

Solution 2: Userback Browser Extension

The Userback Browser Extension enables browser-based recording technology that natively supports multipage recording. This is an excellent alternative if your site isn't a SPA, or if you prefer a more user-friendly installation process.

Learn more in this helpful guide: Install the Userback Browser Extension

Solution 3: Custom Server-side Implementation

If your website does not fall under a single-page application and you are unable to use the Userback browser extension, you can achieve multi-page recording through a custom server-side implementation. It will involve modifying the server-side code of your application to retain the Userback script even when the page is reloaded or changed.

Note: This method is more complex and should be implemented by an experienced developer or programmer.

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