How do I open Userback with a Custom Link?

Elevate user engagement by using the method to open the Userback widget via a custom link or button on your website or app.
This method streamlines your interaction with the widget, enabling you to create bespoke feedback journeys that align closely with your users' needs. It's an effective way to collect targeted, direct feedback within the environment your users are already navigating.
This feature is available only on select plans and requires the JavaScript SDK. For comprehensive technical guidance, please refer to our developer docs.

Using the Open() Method

To activate the Userback Widget Pop-up, you can use the method. This is particularly useful when the widget is set to be hidden by default.

Feedback Types: Choose from 'general', 'bug', or 'feature_request'.
Destinations: Direct the user to 'screenshot', 'video', or 'form'.'[Feedback_Type]', '[Destination]');
Practical Examples
Here are some examples to demonstrate the flexibility of the method:
Basic Open;
Open General Feedback'general');
Open Report a Bug'bug');
Open Feature Requests'feature_request');
Launch Screenshot Tool for Bug Reporting'bug', 'screenshot');
Launch Video Recording for Bug Reporting'bug', 'video');
Open the Feature Request Form'feature_request', 'form');

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