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Userback: UI Redesign

At Userback, it has always been our top priority to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to collecting and managing feedback.

Over the past few months, we have been gathering valuable feedback from our users, and we are extremely excited to announce the gradual launch of our new UI.

This major update focuses on intuitive feedback navigation, an updated fresh design, and addressing your valuable feedback and ideas. We've aimed to strike the perfect balance between innovation, preserving core functionalities, and ensuring there's familiarity and respect to your daily workflows.

So.. what's New?

We've broken down the most important updates for you in a short walkthrough below. If you're craving more details, don't worry, we've got you covered with a super-detailed breakdown at the bottom of the page.


1. Projects Page: We have transformed the Home Page into the Projects Page, providing a fresh starting point for your work. This new layout and design will make you feel right at home as you dive into your projects. 


2. Horizontal Navigation Bar: The navigation bar has been revamped and now sits horizontally at the top of the page. This change allows for easier access to key sections of the platform, ensuring you stay focused on what matters most.


3. Enhanced Widget and Widget Editor: Say hello to the all-new Widget and Widget Editor! We have completely redesigned the UI to provide you with more flexibility and control. Customize your widget with a header message to provide clear instructions to users. Reorder fields effortlessly with drag and drop. Plus, enhanced branding options empower you to align your widget perfectly with your brand identity.


4. Universal Feedback Sidebar: The Feedback Sidebar now offers consistent access to feedback, regardless of where you are within the platform. With enhanced feedback filters and the feedback permanent link, managing and sharing feedback has never been easier. Copy, paste, and collaborate effectively with seamless communication among team members and stakeholders.


5. Rename of Feedback Type: We have changed the Feedback Type name from "Feature Request" to "Idea." This change retains the original meaning while presenting a more concise and user-friendly message to feedback submitters.

Detailed Overview

Here's a detailed list of what's new, changed and removed. It's not as descriptive as the messaging above but will provide a complete overview and what is actually different.

💡 Check out this preview article to see what's new for Reporters. Link

What's New

Home Page (Projects Page): New layout and design.

Widget UI & Widget Editor:

  • Widget settings page with updated design.

  • Header message feature.

  • Drag and drop functionality to re-order form fields.

  • New launcher icons.

  • New success icons.

  • Added back button and branded header to forms.

Feedback Sidebar:

  • Introduced a Universal Feedback Sidebar

  • Added feedback filter: All

Feedback Permanent Link:

  • Added a permanent link format: /feedback/?t=list&id=2471372.

  • Feedback now opens in the sidebar regardless of whether it appears in search results.

Account Credits: Introduced account credits (amount left) to the account page.

What's Changed

App Navigation: Changed from vertical to horizontal layout.

Login Destination: Project overview page replaced by the projects page.

Add Feedback Manually Button: Feedback + button now appears on every single page.

Feedback Filters: Feedback filters have been modified to highlight when they are set

Feedback Bulk Actions: UI Changes made to feedback bulk actions.

Feedback Preview Card: UI Modifications made to the feedback preview card.

"Feature Request" to "Idea": Terminology changed from "Feature Request" to "Idea".

Local Screenshot Warning: Updates made to the local screenshot warning.


What's Removed

Fullscreen Viewer > Nav Buttons: The left and right navigation buttons in the Fullscreen viewer have been removed as they are no longer necessary for sharing purposes. The new feedback sidebar includes left/right buttons.

Overview Page > Widget Settings Button: The widget settings button on the overview page has been replaced by the new "Widget" menu.

Feedback List View > Filters: The filters in the feedback list view have been replaced by the new "Status" filter.

Feedback Board View > Collapse Option: The collapse option in the feedback board view has been replaced by the new "Status" filter.

Release Timing

Stage 1 has been released as of 4 June 2023


🔐 Plan Availability: All Plans

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