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Userback Surveys and feedback widgets can record your users' console logs and click events adding valuable content for your team and developers. Console log recording will add full logs and JavaScript errors to every feedback item submitted.

There are two places console logs are recorded, specifically with feedback submitted, and all session replays recorded from your users.

  • Console Logs: Once activated, they capture crucial client-side JavaScript errors and logs, giving you a detailed record of any issues that occurred during a user's session.

  • Event Tracking: Event Tracking provides a clear picture of user interactions up to the moment they submit feedback or report a bug. Event Tracking eliminates guesswork, offering a readable history of the user's journey and interactions.

  • Feedback vs Session Replay: It is possible to disable console logs and event tracking for feedback being collected via the feedback widget however, Session Replays will always contain console logs and all tracked events. They also serve two different purposes. For example, the console errors recorded against feedback, are accurate for the time of feedback, additionally, this information is also made available within any integrations connected to your feedback project.

Activate Console Logs & Event Tracking on Feedback Widget

To enable Developer Tools, access Widget Settings and turn them on:

  1. Ensure the Userback Widget is installed on your website or app.

  2. Edit your Widget and go to the More Tab.

  3. Here, you can toggle on the desired Console Logs and Event Tracking options.

  4. Once enabled, all feedback will automatically include these advanced tracking details.

    Fullscreen - Enable Developer Tools

Viewing Console Logs & Event Tracking

You can access Developer Tools in a couple of different areas inside Userback:

  • Feedback Sidebar: Access Console Logs and Event Tracking directly in the sidebar when reviewing feedback in Userback. This immediate access to technical and interaction data provides a snapshot of the issue, enabling quick assessment

    Fullscreen - Console Logs and Event Tracking

  • Session Replay: Dive deeper using Session Replay. Here, Console Logs and Event Tracking synchronize with the user's actions, providing a comprehensive view of the user experience.

    Fullscreen - Preview of Session Replay

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Console Logs and Event Tracking included in integrations?

A: Yes, both Console Logs and Event Tracking data are included when feedback is sent to integrations such as Jira.

Q: What if I don’t see expected Console Logs or Event Tracking data?

A: Ensure the Userback Widget is correctly installed on your site. If you're not observing expected errors or logs, check if there were actual errors during the session, and ensure you can submit feedback through the widget.

Q: Are there compatibility issues with the Userback browser extension?

A: Event Tracking is compatible with the Userback browser extension, but Console Logs are not. Ensure proper widget code placement for full functionality.

Q: How should Userback be installed for optimal data collection?

A: To collect all events and console logs, Userback should be installed via an advanced method. This involves placing the Userback widget code in the head section of your website or using NPM for integration. This ensures comprehensive data capture, especially for early-loading events and console logs.

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