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How to use comments with your feedback
How to use comments with your feedback
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Using comments in Userback is a great way to manage feedback and collaborate with your team and with your clients. You have to ability to mention and notify specific people, the team only, or the original reporter. As well as editing and resolving specific comments to manage your workflow.

How to add comments

The easiest way to read and reply to comments on feedback is via the inbox view which is designed for collaborating with the reporter and team members.

Userback add a comment

When viewing feedback in any other view, all comments are located in the Comments tab and can easily be replied to by clicking Add a comment.

Along with your text reply, you can also include emojis and attachments.

Userback comments tab

Notify others about your comment

Email comments to the reporter

If you would like the person who reported the feedback to receive an email with your comment, click the "Bell" icon and ensure that the Reporter is selected.

Email comments to other users

The other users in your account may have opted to receive notifications about new comments. When you select "@", you will see these users with a tick beside their name. This means they will receive an email with your comment. However, you can override the default setting for individual users by selecting/deselecting their names before posting your comment.

Userback notify users

Email Capture Reply

Userback also allows you to capture comment replies via email replies. When the email can be directly replied to, you will see a prompt at the end of the email with the text "You can directly reply to this email".

Email attachments are also captured and stored against the comment in Userback, making it easy to keep track of all the relevant information in one place.

When a comment is captured via email reply, you will see the text "via email reply" in the comment thread, so you know that it was added via email. This makes it easy to keep track of how feedback was received and responded to.

Userback reply via email

Please note that the email capture reply feature only works if the reporter provided an email address with their feedback. If no email address was provided, the email capture reply feature will not be available.

πŸ“˜Note: If you don't see the "Email reporter" option, it's because the reporter did not provide an email address with their feedback. If you require an email from the reporter, you may wish to make the email field mandatory in your widget settings.

The reporter also may have opted out of receiving email notifications in relation to their feedback. In this case, the "Email reporter" option will be disabled.

Choose who can see comments

When adding comments, you can choose who will be able to see them in the Feedback Viewer.

Internal checkbox

By default, all comments are public unless the Internal option is selected.
This means only the people who are logged into your account can see your comment. However, you can still use the "Email reporter" option to notify the reporter with your comment if you wish.

Resolving comments

When there is no further action required with a particular comment, you may wish to resolve it. To resolve a comment, hover over the comment, a menu will appear and you can easily tick to Resolve.

Userback resolve comment

πŸ’‘Tip: This does not resolve the feedback, only that specific comment.

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