The Feedback Viewer is where you can see all the details about an item of feedback submitted to your account.

To access the Feedback Viewer, go to the Feedback menu and select a feedback item.

Feedback Viewer

In the Feedback Viewer, you will see the screenshots, annotations and comments associated with your selected feedback item.

It also contains other useful information such as status, priority, category, and the reporter's metadata.


The Comments tab in the side panel contains all the comments associated with your feedback.

If your feedback contains pinned comments, you can simply click on a pinned comment to see it highlighted in the side panel.

If a pinned comment is not visible on the screenshot, it has likely been resolved and hidden from view. To view resolved comments, click the dropdown in the top-right of the Comments tab and select "All".

To learn more about comments, please refer to this help article.


The Details tab in the side panel contains the metadata captured along with your feedback.

It also contains the Activities relating to how the feedback has been managed over time.

πŸ“˜ Note - User Data and Activities are not visible for the Client role

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