Feedback for your project can be viewed from the Feedback menu.


You can choose to view feedback in either List View or Grid View.

List View


Grid View


Customize Workflow

On the feedback page, you can also add new workflows by clicking "+ Add Workflow".

This is particularly helpful when you need to customize the workflow in Userback to match how you manage tasks in other systems.

The Open and Resolved windows are the default workflows for open and resolved feedback. You can rename these however, you can not move their place in the workflow.


Search Feedback

The search tool is a great way to easily find feedback that you're looking for. This is particularly helpful when you have lots of feedback in your account as you can easily search by Date, Priority, Rating, Category and Assignee.


Managing Tasks

Userback contains a number of options to help manage tasks associated with your feedback.

In the Feedback Viewer, you can change the Status, Priority, Assignee and Category for an individual feedback item.

For example, when a particularly important piece of feedback is submitted, you might change it's priority to "Urgent" and assign it to someone else on your team for immediate action.

When managing tasks through Userback, replying to customers and resolving feedback, if the reporter replies back to a resolved feedback, it will automatically be re-opened for your review.

This only applies for Public Comments, or when the comment is added by a Client.


Bulk Actions

You can also use the bulk actions on the Feedback page to change the details of multiple feedback items at the same time. This can be a huge time-saver!

For example, if you have a number of feedback items that require no further action, you can use the bulk action to change all their status at once to "Resolved".

To use Bulk Actions, simply click the feedback items you wish to update and choose a bulk action from the bottom of the screen.

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