Userback's Designs feature is a great way to collect and manage client feedback on your designs.

You simply upload your design, share it with your clients, and voila! Fast. Visual. Feedback.

Here's how it's done.

Upload your design

Start by visiting the Project where you want to upload your design and select the Designs page.

Then simply click the [+] button to upload your design.


Uploading Multiple Files

You can upload up to 10 files at the same time. When uploading multiple files, Userback will combine them together into a single "container". This is particularly useful when you need to get a client's feedback on multiple designs at the same time.

Max file size is 10MB and supported formats are jpg, png gif, and pdf.

Multiple Designs

Upload a Video File

To upload a video, simply select this file type when uploading a new design. Once the video has uploaded, you can begin adding comments to specific points of time in the video.


Upload a PDF File

To upload a PDF file, simply select this file type when uploading a new design. If your PDF has multiple pages, then these will be uploaded as individual designs within the same container. This allows you to easily collect feedback on each page, whilst managing feedback on the overall document in the same place.

Upload PDF

Enter a Website URL

If your design is hosted on a web page, you can simply enter the URL and Userback will automatically upload the desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your design.

Upload From Website
Please note that because the Designs feature creates a static image of your web page, it is not suitable for use with animated pages. To get feedback on pages with animations, we recommend using our widget code or browser extensions.

Share your design

Once your design is uploaded, the next step is to share it so that others can give you their feedback.

Hover your mouse over the design and click the Share icon to see your sharing options.

Share Design

Share Link

To share your design with clients, simply give them the share link, or email it via the form. When emailing the link, it's also a good idea to include a message to describe the type of feedback that you're looking for.

Share Settings

Allow public access

When this option is on, anybody can view this shared design. Even people who do not have access to your account.

When this option is off, only people with access to your account can view the design. In this case, you may wish to invite your clients to your Userback account.

Allow public commenting

When this option is on, anybody can add comments to your design. Even people who do not have access to your account.

When this option is off, only people with access to your account can comment on your design.

Video Feedback on designs

There may be times where you do not want clients to provide video feedback on your designs. To remove the video icon from the annotation tools, simply turn this option off.

Video feedback is an optional add-on that can be enabled in your Account Settings.

Collect feedback on your design

The Design Viewer contains a number of features that allow both you and your clients to provide feedback.

Design Viewer

Annotation Tools

Highlight: Draw a box to highlight a section in the design

Arrow: Use an arrow to draw attention to a particular area

Comment: Pin a text comment to a place in the design

Video: Show and tell your feedback by recording your screen

View Mode: Hides annotations from the page

Comments Panel

When people provide feedback on your design, they also have the option to include text comments in the side panel. Check out this article to learn more about using comments.

Managing feedback on your design

All design feedback is collected within the same container as comments. So to view the feedback on your design, you simply need to open the design and view the comments.

From here you can reply, resolve, delete, and even add new comments all within the same container.

Manage Feedback


When new feedback is submitted, you will be notified as per your project’s notification settings. To receive a notification of new feedback, make sure that you have "Comment Added" turned on in your notification settings. In addition to this, you may also receive notifications if someone has mentioned you in their comment.

The Designs feature is available to customers on our Growth plan. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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