How to install Userback on Shopify?
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Installing Userback on your Shopify theme will allow you to collect feedback from customers on your storefront and order confirmation pages.

Installing Userback on your Shopify store will require you to add the Userback script code to your Theme via the files 'Theme.Liquid' or 'Header.Liquid'.

Open the code of your Shopify theme

To start, you'll need to edit the code of your theme.

From the Online Store menu, select Themes


Once the Themes menu has loaded, select 'Edit Code' from the Actions drop-down


Under Layout, select the Theme.Liquid file


Scroll down until you find the </head> line of code. You can also use CTRL+F to find the correct position as displayed below. It is sitting just below the following code: #{{ content_for_header }}


πŸ“˜Note: Some themes will use a variation of tags including [/header], {/head} and other variations of the same. They'll all work the same way.

Paste the Userback widget code to your Shopify theme

Locate your Userback widget code from the Widget menu > Widget code card and copy the script code

Paste your widget code into your Shopify theme.


Click Save and publish your theme to apply the changes.

You should now be able to preview your theme and preview the Userback widget on your Theme.


Add Userback to Checkout on your Shopify theme

Select Settings from the bottom of the left menu and click Checkout to customize your online checkout process.


On the Checkout options page, scroll down to the Order processing section and paste in your Userback widget code.


Click Save and preview the checkout page to verify Userback has been added correctly.

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