Collect feedback, bugs and tasks inside ClickUp and simplify customer feedback with the Userback and ClickUp integration

Once you connect Userback with ClickUp, we send annotated screenshots as new tasks in ClickUp every time a bug report or feedback is created with Userback. Centralize your feedback and keep designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Connect to ClickUp

Connecting your Userback account to ClickUp is easy!

To connect your ClickUp account head to the integrations menu and select the project that you're integrating from the top project drop down menu.

Head to the ClickUp tile and from the ellipsis menu, select connect.

ClickUp will ask you to authorize your account, allow access and type in your credentials.


Once you have authorised your ClickUp account, you'll need to configure the ClickUp integration by selecting a list.

Once saved, you can test your integration and send a test feedback to your ClickUp account by clicking the Test button.

Now that you've connected Userback and ClickUp, simply select when you would like feedback to be sent to your ClickUp account. You have the option to send feedback automatically when it is received in Userback or push feedback as required.

Now...go and create some feedback and check it out!

Here's an example of what to expect inside ClickUp once you've connected your Userback account


Syncing ClickUp with Userback

Once Userback has been connected to your ClickUp account, you can easily select to sync your Userback feedback with ClickUp Status.

To sync your ClickUp tasks with Userback, edit the ClickUp integration settings and select which items you wish to sync.

You can select:

  • Sync status when an issue is Resolved in ClickUp, resolve it in Userback

  • Sync status when an issue is re-opened in ClickUp, re-open it in Userback

  • When an issue is Deleted in ClickUp, delete it in Userback

Status sync is almost instant and changes made in the ClickUp task will be immediately updated within Userback.

The ClickUp integration is available to customers on our Standard and Growth plans. To change your plan, please visit your Account Settings.

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