Projects are a great way to keep your feedback organized in Userback.

We recommend using separate projects for each website and client that you manage. This will help you to locate new feedback and respond to customers faster.

The easiest way to create new projects is to copy an existing project and it's settings.

1. Copy an existing project

On the Projects page, locate the project you wish to copy and click the more menu and select "Copy".


2. Update the project settings

When you copy a project, the widget settings will be copied too. This saves you time in the setup and ensures the new widget looks and functions the same as the existing one.

Note: Not all project settings can be copied though and you will need to update some of the settings.

a. Start by clicking Settings on the left menu.

b. Change the Project Name.

c. Update the website URL

d. Edit any categories

e. Select a default assignee if required.

d. Once you are happy with the project settings, click "Save Changes".

3. Update project access

Project access can be updated from within the settings menu, simply select User access

4. Update notifications

Notifications cannot be copied from an existing project.

To set notifications for the new project, simply go to the Notifications menu and turn on your desired notifications.

5. Setup integrations

Integrations cannot be copied from an existing project either.

To activate integrations for the new project, simply go to your profile followed by notifications.

And that's it!

Your new project is setup and you are now ready to embed the widget code into your website and start collecting feedback.

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