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Project Settings
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Projects in Userback serve as individual containers for collecting and managing feedback for your various websites or applications. This guide will walk you through the different settings available to you, helping you tailor each project to your specific needs.

Accessing Project Settings

Locate and click the settings button at the top-right corner of your Userback project. Here's a quick link: Project Settings

Fullscreen - Project Settings > General

General Settings

Here's a detailed look at what you can adjust under General Settings:

  • Project Name: This is the identifier for your project. Make it descriptive enough so you can easily distinguish it from other projects.

  • Website URL: Enter the primary URL associated with this project. This URL will be automatically included in your Domains list, ensuring the widget appears on the correct site.

  • Description: Add a concise description to give context to the project. This can be particularly useful when managing multiple projects.

  • Domain Restrictions: Control where the Userback widget appears by specifying allowed domains. If the code is installed on a domain not listed here, the widget will remain inactive.

  • Category: Implement categories to streamline the sorting and filtering of your feedback. Read: How to use Feedback Categories

  • Basic Authentication: If your site or application is behind a login screen, you'll need to grant Userback access to capture accurate screenshots. Read: Basic Authentication

  • HTTP Headers: Add any additional HTTP headers that may be required, especially if whitelisting IPs isn't feasible for giving the Userback Screenshot Engine access.

Workflow Settings

Enhance your workflow by customizing status names, colors, and their order. To introduce a new status, click the "+ Add Status" button. Read more: How to manage feedback

Fullscreen - Project Workflow

Automation Settings

Optimize your feedback management with these automation features:

  • Default Assignee: Designate a default user to whom different types of feedback will be automatically assigned. Read more: Assign your feedback automatically

  • Reporter Notification: Activate and tailor automatic email responses to acknowledge that you've received feedback. Read more: Reporter Notification

  • Reopen Feedback: Enable this option if you'd like feedback items to be reopened when the reporter responds, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

    Fullscreen - Automation > Reopen Feedback
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