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All of the settings for your projects are conveniently located within Project settings.

You can access project settings via the settings button on the left menu.

General Settings

Project Name: The name of your project

Website URL: The main URL for the project. This will also be added to the Domains list by default.

Description: For your reference, a description of the project

Domain Restrictions: Only show the Userback widget when the code is installed on one of the domains that have been added. If the widget code is installed on a domain not listed, it will not work.

Category: Use Categories as a helpful way to sort and filter your feedback.

Basic Authentication: When your site of application is behind basic authentication, give Userback access to your site for accurate screenshots

HTTP headers:

Workflow Setting

You are also able to change the names and colours of statuses and the positioning within your workflow and add new workflows by clicking the "+ Add status" button.

Automation Setting

Default assignee: Automatically assign different feedback types to a selected user.

Reporter Notification: Option to turn on and customize the automatic response sent to the reporter as an acknowledgement of received feedback.

Reopen Feedback: Option to reopen feedback if the reporter responds.

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