When new feedback comes in, even if you don’t use any fancy bug tracking or chat tools, you’ll at least be able to get notified by email. And sometimes, that’s just enough when you’re starting out.

Once you’ve created your project select your profile on the bottom left followed by the notification menu.

Notifications for your projects are centrally managed from this page. You can add and remove the project you wish to receive notifications via this page by clicking the + button. Remove project notifications by clicking the x on the project name.

Notifications are available for:

  • New feedback

  • When Feedback assigned

  • When Feedback Deleted

  • A new comment is added to feedback

  • When feedback is reopened

All users within your account will have access to updating the notifications they receive however, as an administrator of an account, you can also manage which notifications your team receives. Learn more about managing notifications for your team members.

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