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Manage what feedback notifications you receive via email. Depending on how your team manage their workflow you may or may not need email notifications for particular feedback information. This feature allows you to have control of how your feedback is communicated to you.

Edit your notifications

❕Any changes made will apply to ALL projects

  1. Click your profile from the bottom left

  2. Select Notifications

  3. Edit your settings - notification settings are allocated into three sections;

    When new feedback is received: Receive notifications every time new feedback is submitted to that project.

    1. Click the + icon to add projects

    2. Click the x icon to remove projects

    When feedback is important to you: Receive notifications when someone @mentions you in a comment, responds or assigns to you.

    1. Toggle on and off to enable these notifications

    Your own feedback: Receive notifications when someone changes the status and assignee or comments on feedback you have submitted.

    1. Toggle on and off to enable these notifications

πŸ’‘Tip - All users have access to update their notifications settings, however, Admins can also manage notifications for all users within the Userback Account.

FAQ πŸ’¬

Can I change the branding of the email notifications?

Yes, you can include your branding if you are on the Company or Premium Plans.

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