When new feedback comes in, even if you don’t use a project management or team notification tool, you can stay up to date with incoming feedback and feedback that is assigned to you via e-mail.

To update your notifications, click your profile from the bottom right and select Notifications.

Notifications for your projects are centrally managed from this page. Notifications are broken into 3 sections.

When new feedback is received: Click the + icon to add projects and you will receive a notification when new feedback is submitted to that project.

When feedback is important to you: Use the Toggle buttons to notify you when you are mentioned, assigned or someone reply's to one of your comments in a feedback. This relates to all projects.

Your own feedback: Notify you when someone comments or changes the status and assignee of the feedback.

All users within your account will have access to updating the notifications they receive however, as an administrator of an account, you can also manage which notifications your team receives. Learn more about managing notifications for your team members.

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