By inviting your team to Userback, you can manage feedback more effectively because you can assign it to others and track progress through custom workflows.

You can also restrict team members to only see the projects relating to them.

Each Userback plan comes with an included number of Users. If you require more users in your plan, you can easily add them by managing your subscription.

Additional users cost from $4 depending on your plan. Learn more about Userback pricing plans

How to invite your team

Start by clicking your profile and select 'Account Settings'

Select the 'People' menu from Account settings

Click the + Invite People button to start inviting your team members and clients.

Enter your team's email addresses

Type in the email addresses of who you would like to invite to your Userback account. The number of people you can invite to your account depends on your account plan.

Select roles

You can restrict a team member's access by assigning them a role. This essentially limits what they can and can't do in your account.

Admin: Admin users have access to all project settings

Collaborator: Collaborators can manage feedback for one or more projects

Client: Clients can view feedback and track the progress

Choose Projects

You can also specify which projects your team has access to by adding/removing projects in the "Choose Projects" section.

Send Invitation

When you are ready, click "Send Invitation" to send an email with an invitation link to your team.

After accepting the invitation, your team will be ready to collaborate and start working on feedback in accordance with their role and projects.

Note: The invitation link expires after 72 hours.

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