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Automating your Feedback Workflow with Integrations
Automating your Feedback Workflow with Integrations
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Userback is a powerful feedback collection platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, enhancing your workflow efficiency and providing real-time visibility into user feedback. With a wide range of integrations available, Userback automates processes, eliminates manual errors, and optimizes your team's performance.
In this article, we'll cover how to manage integrations within Userback and automate the feedback loop by automatically closing feedback in Userback when it is sent to third-party applications. Let's dive in and unlock the full potential of Userback's integrations.

Setting Up an Integration in Userback

Setting up integrations in Userback is a straightforward process. Whether you want to connect with project management tools, collaboration platforms, or communication channels, our intuitive interface makes it a breeze to establish these connections.

  1. Go to Project Settings
    Navigate to the Project Settings section in Userback.

  2. Select Integrations
    Within the Project Settings, locate and click on the Integrations option.

  3. Find the Integration and Connect
    From the list of available integrations, find the specific integration you want to set up. Select the integration, and a menu will appear. Click on the Connect option.

  4. Follow Configuration and Authorization Workflow
    Each integration may have a different setup process. Follow the configuration and authorization steps as prompted by the integration. This may involve providing necessary credentials, API keys, or other required information.

  5. Test the Integration
    Once the integration is connected, return to the integration menu in Userback. Select the integration from the list and look for a test option. Click on the test option to verify if the integration is working correctly.

Integrating with Project Management Tools

Effortlessly sync your workflow and save time troubleshooting issues by integrating Userback with popular project management tools such as:

  • Trello, Jira, Asana, ClickUp, Basecamp, Monday, Teamwork, Notion, Wrike, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Linear, GitLab, Intercom and Zendesk.

These integrations bring simplicity to your team and enhance collaboration by seamlessly incorporating user feedback into your existing project management processes.

Enhancing Communication with Collaboration Tools

Boost productivity and foster real-time collaboration with your team by integrating Userback with communication tools like:

  • Slack and Microsoft Teams

By connecting Userback with these platforms, you can streamline communication, gather valuable feedback, and effectively address user suggestions or issues in a collaborative environment.

Flexibility with Other Tools

If you require even more flexibility and customization, Userback allows you to design custom workflows with:

  • Webhooks, WordPress, and Zapier

Userback offers the flexibility to tailor your feedback management to suit your unique requirements.

Managing Integrations and Automating the Feedback Loop

To manage integrations in Userback, navigate to your Project settings and select Integrations. From here, you can easily connect with any of the available integrations for your projects. The Connected Apps menu in the Workspace settings provides a centralized location to manage all your apps and integrations across all projects, ensuring seamless control and accessibility.

When feedback is sent from Userback to your desired app, it's crucial to maintain an organized feedback management system. Userback offers automation features to automatically close feedback within the platform when it is sent to a third-party application.

To enable this, go to the integrations menu for your project, select the connected integration, access the Settings from the ellipsis menu, and under the Automation section, choose "Automatically send and resolve feedback in Userback."

This setup ensures that new feedback is automatically sent to your selected integration while being marked as resolved within Userback, preventing clutter and providing a streamlined feedback workflow.

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