Integrations are a great way to automate and streamline feedback into your existing team workflows. But...Once feedback is sent from Userback to your desired app, what happens to the feedback in Userback? Leaving it open would just create endless clutter in your account, so let's run through how you can automatically close your Userback feedback when sending it to a 3rd party application.

To start, head to the integrations menu for your project.

Select the menu button from your connected integration. See integrations for more information on connecting to a 3rd party app.

Click Settings from the ellipsis menu

Under the Automation section within the Settings panel, select 'Automatically send and resolve feedback in Userback.

This means that all new feedback, will be sent to your selected integration automatically, and within Userback, the feedback will be automatically set to the resolved workflow.

If you're looking to create even more advanced automation and workflows with Userback and other apps, check out how you can setup advanced automations with Zapier.

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