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Set up advanced automation with your project management tools
Set up advanced automation with your project management tools
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If you use a project management tool such as Jira, Asana, Plutio, ClickUp, or, you can easily integrate them with Userback and then use Zapier filter to establish rules to help make life just a little bit easier by automating tasks such as assigning bugs directly to a developer or to a specific project. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

In the example below we will integrate with Jira Software Cloud to automatically assign new Userback feedback to the appropriate project/user in Jira, saving time and effort in triaging feedback tasks.

Automate with 'Filters by Zapier'

To integrate Userback with Zapier and automate your workflow, start by logging into your Zapier account and creating a new Zap. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect your Userback account as the trigger event.

  2. Add the action of "Filter by Zapier."

  3. Add a second action, such as "Jira Software Cloud."

  4. Test the Zap to ensure it is functioning properly.

  5. Publish and activate the Zap.

1. Create a Trigger

In Zapier, search and select Userback as the first app you are connecting and set up a trigger event when 'New Feedback is Created.'

Follow the prompts to connect your Userback account with your API Token.

Userback and Zapier

2. Add your first Action

Search and select 'Filter by Zapier' and configure your filter with the following information:

Only continue if...

Feedback Type - (Text) - Exactly matches - Bug Report

Userback Zapier

3. Add your second Action

Search and select Jira Software Cloud and select 'Create Issue' for the Action event

Userback Zapier

Connect your Jira Software cloud account and configure the issue as required. Here are some suggested settings to use for your own issue customization.

Userback Zapier

4. Test your Zap

Test your Zap to make sure your issue contains the information that you need.

Test Zapier
Userback Zapier

5. Publish and Turn on Zap

Once you are happy with this, publish and turn on your Zap

Publish Zap

🎉Congrats, you have successfully automated the assignment and categorization of Userback feedback in Jira Software Cloud using filters by Zapier.

The fantastic thing about using Filters by Zapier is the flexibility that this integration allows you to route feedback and assign tasks based on various criteria such as assignees and categories. For example, you can send bugs to Jira and feature requests to another tool used by your product manager.

Happy Zapping!

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