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Connect Userback with Azure DevOps
Connect Userback with Azure DevOps
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Azure DevOps provides an extensive toolchain for software development and deployment, streamlining your DevOps workflow. To enhance this experience, integrating Userback allows you to effectively track bugs and capture user feedback directly within your development process.

This integration brings annotated screenshots, video recordings, console logs, and other critical feedback into Azure DevOps, enabling your team to prioritize and act on user insights more efficiently.

1. Authorize the Connection

Within Userback, navigate to your project settings and click on 'Integrations'. Find Azure DevOps listed among the integrations. Hit 'Connect' and authorize Userback to interface with your Azure DevOps account.

2. Ensure OAuth Permissions

Ensure 'Third-party application access via OAuth' is enabled in your Azure DevOps settings to allow for a successful connection. This step is critical and often overlooked, so please verify this before proceeding.

3. Configure Integration Preferences

In Userback, set up your preferences. Select the corresponding Organization and Project from your Azure DevOps account and specify the Work Item Type for incoming feedback. You also have the choice to configure the automation settings - whether feedback should be sent automatically or manually.

4. Test and Confirm

Use the 'Test' feature in Userback to send a test feedback item to Azure DevOps. This step is to ensure everything is correctly configured and that feedback flows into the designated project without any issues.

Finalizing Your Setup πŸŽ‰

Once you've completed these steps and confirmed that feedback is being directed appropriately to your Azure DevOps project, your integration is complete.
Nice work! You've successfully bridged the gap between user feedback and your development tracker.

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