You can publish all feedback submitted to Userback to the public portal for other users to vote and collaborate on. However, certain feedback may not be automatically made public due to moderation settings or because it was submitted as a bug report but is actually a new feature suggestion.

There are two ways to publish feedback to the portal:

  1. Publish Automatically

  2. Publish Manually


To automatically publish feedback submitted via the feedback portal or widget, go to Settings > Portal settings > Moderations and toggle on and off to automatically publish when submitted.

πŸ“˜Note - Automatically publishing feedback will remove some control you have over your public-facing portal. This may not be suitable depending on the type of feedback you receive and how you are using our product.


Publishing manually can be done either by the Feeback viewer or the Options Menu on the Feeback Page.

Feedback viewer

Before publishing the feedback, make sure the feedback type is set to "Feature Request." To change the feedback type, open a feedback in the Feedback Viewer and go to the Details tab. From there, you can select "Feature Request" as the feedback type. To publish the feedback, set the "Portal Visibility" to "Yes."

Via the Options menu

To publish individual feedback via the options menu, select the feedback and click the ellipsis menu, then select the "Publish" option.

Feedback will now be displayed on the portal where you will be able to add further comments, edit the original comment, change the status or unpublish.

It is recommended to let the user know that you will be publishing their idea on the portal for other users to vote on and add their own comments.

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